Who We Are

The letters S.H.M.A. are initials for South Hillsborough Ministerial Association. We are an organized interactive group of local church leaders committed to the work of our Lord here in South Florida’s Hillsborough County (from Big Bend Road, south to the Manatee County Line). We consist of a group of multi-cultural, inter-denominational, and non-denominational Ministers, Pastors (and/or their appointed delegates) who represent churches and congregations located in the South Hillsborough County area. We acknowledge and appreciate other ministerial associations, which also operate within the same geographical area.

Our Motto Is: “Unity with Diversity”

‘Our differences should edify us; not divide us.’

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for the brethren to dwell together in unity.”
~Psalm 133:1

Why We Exist:

“To foster ministerial and church unity in South Hillsborough County.”

We recognize that the work God left us to do on this earth is immense, and that it requires our best effort and the support of each other (Matthew 9:37, 38; 25:35-46; 28:19,20; John 4:35; 9:4) and…

That there are some improper attitudes of exclusiveness, superiority, prejudice and self-righteousness still existing in the body of Christ which have divided and separated us from each other; and… (Luke 18:10-14; 1st Corinthians 1:9-13; 3:3-9; 13:4; 3rd John 1:9-10)

That doctrinal and denominational differences have often been areas of contention, which have resulted in hurtful remarks and sometime even hostility among us, which has thereby hindered the effectiveness of God’s work through us.

We believe that this is ‘Sin in God’s Camp’ which should be repented of, and conversely, that we should love and care for one another just as Christ has taught us. (Romans 12:3-5,9,10; 1st Thessalonians 4:9; 1st Peter 1:22;  1st John 3:11; 4:7,11,12)

We now see the need to affirm and celebrate Christ in each other by assembling ourselves together with more fervent fellowship as we see His day quickly approaching. (John 17:21-23; Romans 14:19; 15:5-7; Ephesians 4:13,15,16; Hebrews 11:25)

We therefore give ourselves to be a part of the solution rather than the problem, by submitting ourselves to the ‘One Body’ into which we believers have all been baptized, thus presenting Christ’s witness undivided and strong in the earth. (1st Corinthians 12:12-27)

What We Are Doing:

‘Tearing down walls and building bridges.’

We are endeavoring to remove ‘walls of division’ that separate God’s family by building a ‘spirit of unity’ in the ‘bond of peace.’ A vital part of this endeavor is our ‘coming together’ in Christian Love. (John 13:34,35; Philippians 2:1-5; Ephesians 4:2-6,30-32)

We are endeavoring to understand and fellowship with each other as brothers and sisters, respecting each other’s beliefs, encouraging each other, and working together to accomplish God’s will in our community. (Romans 15:2-7; 1st Thessalonians 5:11)

We encourage peace and good will between all our local congregations, praying for each other as we all endeavor to please God, spread His Word, relieve suffering and help make our community a better place. (Colossians 3:13-16; 4:2-3; 1st Peter 4:7,8)

Our Activities Include:

Holding monthly Council Meetings, consisting of active SHMA members, Pastors (and/or delegates) who meet to pray together, fellowship together, and conduct business together.

Sponsoring monthly Community Sings, where congregants from many different churches come together for a time of worship and warm fellowship with each other. A different local church hosts the Sing each month.

Supporting other Active Ministries, such as food banks, shelters, missions, disaster relief, rehabilitation centers, orphanages, evangelistic outreaches, etc. An offering is given to some pre-designated ministry at each monthly ‘Sing.’

Sponsoring the ‘National Day of Prayer’ each year for the South Hillsborough County Area.

Procedurally, the SHMA Council annually elects SHMA Officers who serve one-year terms, without pay.


P.O. Box 655
Ruskin, Florida 33575

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